love · Poetry


amazing how time
can change the heart.
how one kiss can
spark the want for more
and one smile can
cause the outbreak
of blushed grins and

glancing at the mirror
i look at you and through your
golden framed glasses
i see more than just
coffee colored eyes. i see
love. i see potential.
i see a soul so pure and
to be quite frank, i don’t
want to lose that. i don’t
want to lose you. i love you.

from your smile exposing
those perfect teeth to your
hugs that squeeze me ever
so tightly. i can still feel
the warmth of your hand on
my palm. we hold eachother’s.
swaying back and forth in our
walk, i never want to let go.
i smell my hands after…

warm vanilla sugar, my own hand
lotion. only i’m not the one
that put it on.


birthday · ranting


I am well aware that I have been MIA for quite some time but I have a good explanation for that! I can say that I feel that I’ve grown a substantial amount since the last time I’ve done a post for my birthday. And yes, I am also aware that my birthday was nearly two months ago but in return, I have a lot to share!
For the past year, I’ve found myself becoming closer to the big guy upstairs. I try to talk to Him every day, He’s practically my bestie. I’ve just become more aware of His presence in my life. Building this connection has caused me to be more positive, charismatic, loving and accepting not only towards others but for myself. I’ve been allowing myself to grow and take care of myself inside and out and avoid any negativity that can come my way. I know everything in life has a purpose: all the good is a present and the bad is a lesson. The only bad I can say that I’ve experienced is my tendency to be lazy. Ive watched alot of netflix for the past few moths and I feel I couldve been doing something more productive during those idle times. But I am staying positive and working on fighting these vices. I’m still not sure if my positive outlook in life contributes to this or if it’s my relationship with God, but I’ve noticed a lot of good has been happening in my life. Academically I feel stable, I have high hopes I will have a bright future in my career, Ive built strong healthy relationships with my friends and my mother, and ive had the chance to explore the world around me whether it be in my city, or in my state. This has to be the happiest I’ve been in a while.

love · Poetry

pillow lips

i wish to fall asleep on your pillow lips
the ones sweet like honey
and smooth like cocoa butter.
with each peck i feel a sense of bliss
taking me away on midnight dreams
farther than my pillows at home
have ever taken me.
i fall in love with each kiss
moving farther and farther
away from my own lips.
from my cheek to my neck
to my shoulder to my chest,
i can only imagine where
your lips would reach next.
with each kiss i melt into
you like snow in the rain
or the sugar in my morning
coffee on a winter’s day.

love · Poetry

pretty little lie

Look me in the eyes
And whisper that pretty lie
Lay me down
Hold me in your arms
Play with my hair
Draw circles on my skin
Before you place delicate kisses;
Make me believe it
Make me believe that pretty lie
Cause for those few hours
I’m in heaven pleasantly bless
Putting off the fear
Of when you get up and leave
Leaving me alone
In an empty bed
An empty room
An empty house
With an empty heart
An empty mind
Leaving me waiting
Waiting for those next few hours
For those next few hours to come
Where I’m no longer in hell
Ill be in heaven in your arms



a broken home 

white picketed fence. pink
shingled roof. fresh paint
in the summer. her body is
a home. a home for you not
to break into. her eyes the
windows and her legs the front
door. with your ax, you broke
down her door and claimed this
home as yours. barging in,
taking her most prized possessions,
you’ve robbed her of all she had.
with your ax you smashed her
windows exposing the inside
to the cruel world on the
outside. rainy days is all that
surrounds this home, for you
caused such precipitation. rain
pouring inside this home and
gushing straight out through
every opening. how does it
feel to create a broken home?

With your spray paint you
vandalized this home leaving
your mark on the walls of
her body. Walls that now read
nothing but your name and
accounts of your crime. this
house is no longer a home.
this house is no longer her
home as you stepped in
and claimed it as yours. how does
it feel to create a broken home?
A home where her hair was ornate curtains, framing such beauty
the house contained and her soft,
rosy lips as the golden encrusted
door bell. this door bell no longer
rings or dings or buzzes or chimes.
you’ve silenced her only way of
expression. the only way of letting
others in. as you tampered with her curtains and disrespected such
decor, these curtains are now
drawn in, concealing any emotion
and expression that can possess
this home. that can posses her.
no light can be permeated through
these shattered windows. this
house is no longer a home.
how does it feel to create
a broken home?

• promesha